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Our Health Ministry
Our Faith Community nurse, Virginia Stewart, RN, can be  contacted  through email  at Virginia.stewart@carolinashealthcare.org or by calling the office (704)932-6396.
Office Hour: Tue, Wed, Fri 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

What is Health Ministry?
Health Ministry is “on purpose”  care of your spirit. Health Ministry brings the healing presence of God to the individual as well as the Community through the use of medical knowledge and principles of faith. It is an approach to wholeness in health, which builds on the strengths of the congregation and community, relying upon resources and partnerships.

Through education classes, visitation, prayer, spiritual care, exercise classes, referrals to agencies and programs, health screenings (blood pressure, Sickle Cell Conference, etc.) , 1:1 health counseling, and outreach programs such as blood drives or flu clinics, the health ministry can help meet the needs of those in our church and community. It stresses wellness, health promotion and disease prevention by focusing on body, mind and spirit for the health and healing of the community.

We have a fantastic Health Ministry Team called to serve with our Faith Community Nurse. If YOU would like more information about joining this Team, as a way to use Your gifts to glorify God while caring for others, call  the nurse at 704-932-6396.  

 ” I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.”  3 John 2 NIV
May.  A wonderful time of year.  Mother’s Day.  National Day of Prayer, Memorial Day. Mental Health Awareness Month.  What?  Mental Health Awareness Month?
Yes, that is correct.  Your and my mental health well being is just as important as your and my physical health well being.
This month we will be exploring some of the beliefs about mental health, possible stigmas associated with mental illness and what can be done.  Please take a few minutes to read our bulletin boards.
Help is available. Ask.  Who?  Your church nurse,  Your primary care physician, Your minister.  A friend.  Help begins with asking. Healing begins with Help. 
“Well, it has always been like that.”  It does NOT have to be “like that.”  Help is real & available.
There are information sites available on the internet like Mental Health America, National Institute of Mental Health, Carolinas Health Care Web Site as well as others.  Be sure the information you get is from a “Reputable” site-not just on Facebook; because you know that everything on Facebook is NOT TRUE.
Fear often delays or even prevents people from asking for help.  “98% of what we fear NEVER happens.”  What can you do if you are afraid?  Ask a trusted friend, nurse or minister to assist you in getting connected to Help.
is a Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Hotline number.  They can connect you to local resources in your area; 24/7.  If you are a veteran, there are resources available for you.  The hotline number can connect you with your VA Benefits.  
You deserve to be healthy-mentally & physically.  I am here to take steps with you.  You are NOT alone.  Help is available.  Hope is available.
Do it today. Call.  Ask.  Heal.  
Why?  Your mental & physical well being/health directly impact your ability to serve the LORD, your family, your community and your church.