Bishop Ausbury & Leola Sellers                                                                             Bishop E.L. & Doris Turner
Project # 0650476                                                                                                    Project # 790-0171-051
Living Water is very mission minded.  We support many ministries in various countries.  Once a year we receive mission commitments from our congregation. 
Bishop E.L. Turner was our mission rep for many years.  His missionary work was in Ecuador, Peru and El Salvador.  He has gone on to receive his reward for his faithful work for the Lord.  We miss him very much.  Although Bishop Turner is no longer with us, we are still able to support his projects that he was very passionate about.  Ecuador Feeding Stations #790-0171-051
Bishop Ausbury Sellers became a member of Living Water and has become our new mission rep.  His work is in Africa helping to build churches and supporting orphanages.  We are excited about helping to support the work there.  Orphanages and churches #0650476.  
If you would like to donate to either project, you may do so through our online giving.  Please be sure to put the number of the project you want to donate to in the comment section of the online giving section.  Or you can mail in a donation or give it in the offering during service.  PLEASE PUT THE PROJECT NUMBER ON YOUR  CHECK OR ENVELOPE.  
Thank you for helping spread the gospel and show the love of Jesus all over the world.
El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru